Thursday, June 21, 2012

Observations on Art 6.21

One of the ageless questions is one variation or another of what constitutes art. It's something that will be debated till the end of time as it has been since the beginning. I'll not bore you by pretending to know the answer to that but I found something yesterday that I most assuredly know is not art. Thailand may have talent, that in itself is debatable, but this sure as hell is most definitely not it.

"BANGKOK -- An episode of "Thailand's Got Talent" has stirred a morality debate after a contestant painted a canvas using her bare breasts, drawing a rebuke from the culture minister who called it 'very shocking.'"


By the look of the comments viewers agreed.
Okay, I have no idea what it says, and he/she/it gave it a thumbs up.
The only explanation for that is the viewer thought it was some sort of porn. But than again,
porn is art ....

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