Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Observations from the Window 6.20

Staying at the beach house until Monday morning didn't allow me enough time to drive back to the Village  via the scenic route. Driving north through the Garden State along I95 or the Garden State Parkway is something slightly less than enjoyable. The farther north one drives the more industrialized it becomes until the state sheds any resemblance to its Garden State nickname. By the time you reach the City pine barrens, cranberry bogs, and fresh air have been left far behind. The scene is dominated by oil refineries, chemical plants, land fills, and what passes for air in this part of the country.

It always reminds me of a sort of inside joke about Jersey. One that seemingly nobody outside of Pennsylvania ever understands. Especially people from Jersey.

When somebody mentions they are from or traveling to New Jersey it is best to respond with a question. "What exit?" Most people just don't get the meaning, as you probably don't, and answer with a blank stare. The only way I can explain the question is this. The typical Pennsylvanian thinks the only good thing about New Jersey, indeed the only reason it exists at all, is that the roads to the shore pass through it.

So, "What exit?"

I never said it was funny.

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