Monday, June 25, 2012

Observations on Art 6.25

You may know by now that Vincent van Gogh is my favorite painter and his The Starry Night is one of my favorite paintings.
That being said I have never seen anything quite like this before, simply amazing. The video was posted two days ago and has over 170,000 views as of now.

For the full effect turn the volume way up ....


"I recreated Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" from just over 7,000 dominos. The second attempt took about 11 hours total to build.
The first attempt failed, when I dropped a screw from the camera rig onto it. I was able to improve the swirling clouds better in the second attempt as a result though. I do not know how long the first attempt took, but I did not have any accidents building like I did in the second attempt!

There were 2 small breaks in the fall of this project. I did not complete the leading grey line and left out a domino which stopped the reaction in the bottom. The star that is left standing was very close to falling, but the first dominos held in place."

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