Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Observations from the Window 6.26

It was a strange feeling not having the VQs hovering about over the weekend. It was pride weekend but that wasn't the reason, it's a strange feeling any weekend but a feeling I'm just going to have to get used to. With the girls, not to mention Mitch, spending so much time in Boston I may need to start some sort of VQ junior apprentice program. Something to think about, maybe get my own TV deal. "You're asleep!"

All of a sudden that whirlwind of change I loath is swirling around all of us and I do mean all of us. I touched on Chloe's job and Ash's business a bit ago now the change is swirling around the kids too,
again in a good way.

The sis changed her major, for the third time, to graphic design and has been keeping up with her photography. She is even a step ahead of me as she started a very professional looking Facebook page just for her photos. Meanwhile the page I briefly toyed with languishes without even one photo. Her page drew the eye of a major greeting card company that offered to buy some of her photos. She hasn't decided one way or the other but there is a chance she will because the sis may have once been my mini-me but she isn't nearly as anti-establishment as her older sister. Or as anti-authority, or anti-social for that matter. Who is this girl?

Meanwhile the kid finds himself in charge of a new field team after not even a year at his new job. The environmental company he works for found itself swamped with expected but sudden work which necessitated the new team. Each team contains a wetlands expert and the company only employees three, Sean being the third. Seems he will be spending the summer tooling around the Susquehanna wilderness in his jeep, new team in tow.

Chance et la richesse to both.

And than there is me, but that's for another time.

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