Friday, June 29, 2012

Observations from the Window 6.29

I did a small photo job yesterday morning, nothing spectacular, somebody I know needed some shots of Times Square relatively empty which means relatively early. I said I would help out which was something I slightly regretted as I dragged myself down the steps around 6 AM. It turned into a rather interesting morning as I've never been to Times Square quite that early, I've been there rather late but never quite that early.

Obviously Manhattan isn't a blue collar town in any way which makes it surprisingly quiet in the early morning. The vendors are just beginning to set up, the homeless haven't been shooed away yet, and the multitudes of tourists are busily having their donuts. Sorry, I meant to say having their free continental breakfast. Artistically speaking it makes for a strange almost surreal sight. It seems like a long continuous sunrise as the light flows up the canyons of buildings, plays off those same buildings, and reflects off the glass. On a clear morning like yesterday light is the star of the morning show here. So different from the afternoon when unadulterated sound takes center stage. Later in the day it's far from one of my favorite spots in the city, in fact I try to stay away, but empty in the early morning it really has a totally different personality. It's almost anti-social, I like it.

In the end I spent most of the morning in the area taking pics, having breakfast at the Europa Cafe, and shopping for a possible upcoming trip. If I post any of the pics on Flickr I'll update this later with a link.

Later in the day I also had news from my sis and she told me she was doing some advertising shots for the restaurant/bar she works at.

Small world.

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