Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Observations from the Window 7.4

One of my favorite columnists, Eugene Robinson, ended his column in the Washington Post with this observation. "As repair crews struggle to get the lights back on, it happens to be another sunny day. Critics have blasted the Obama administration’s unfruitful investment in solar energy. But if government-funded research had managed to lower the price of solar panels to the point where it became economical to install them on residential roofs, all you global-warming skeptics would have air conditioning right now. I’m just sayin’."

A thought for all those wingnuts out there. You think global warming is a hoax, you want no government in your life, you don't want to pay any taxes, well this is what you get. Roads fall apart, bridges fall down, and big ass storms take out the power grid. Now if the grid were underground a storm couldn't take it out but that would take government help and money. Better to live in a hot broken world. Tards.

On a lighter note I give you my current snack food of choice. The Snyder's Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Pretzel Pieces my dad sent me. We are talking awesomeness here.

I totally need to mention Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise now. I really couldn't care less about their divorce other than that it makes Katie available again. Grabbing her child and running from Scientology may be the smartest thing she has done since signing a prenup with Cruise who has made an estimated $500 million over the five years of their marriage. What I do care about is Cruise's new movie Rock of Ages which has to be one of the great bad casting decisions of all time. Cruise turned 50 years old yesterday but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at the plastic man as he hasn't changed much in the 25 years since he made Top Gun. I leave it to you to decide how many of those millions he spent on silicone.

Finally, have I mentioned I may be in Paris next month?
I may have neglected that.

And so it goes.

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