Thursday, July 5, 2012

Observations on Art 7.5

Court has been a bit lax of late, she has been too busy with her own film editing to send me any new time lapses. She more than made up for it today with this video. I swear as I watch the swirling water and stars I feel just a little bit cooler. These days I'll take even the thought
of cool air and water. 

Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.

"At a star party in August 2009 I took my first long exposure photograph of the night sky. I was so thrilled with the results that I dedicated most moonless weekends since then to photographing two things I love the most in nature - the night sky and the Ocean.
Taking a series of images and combining them into a time lapse video sequence made it even more interesting. I have since experimented with all-night time lapses, panning motion, etc. But most importantly I've enjoyed the journey immensely.
This time lapse video is the result of almost 1.5 years of work, 31 hours of taking images during six nights on Southern Ocean Coast in Australia. Ocean Sky was awarded the overall winner prize at
the STARMUS astrophotography competition. Alex Cherney"

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