Saturday, August 25, 2012

Observations from le Voyage 8.25

One exciting thing about my trip is how many times I have been wandering and found a spot where I could just sit and paint which is something tat never happens in New York. There are even some spots in Paris that I wouldn't mind painting, this is something I never do, I just don't paint scenes, landscapes. There really are some exciting possibilities in my mind at the moment, I just hope it doesn't overheat.

Yesterday I mentioned the Sennelier store but I didn't really explain what it was. Sennelier is one of my favorite paint or 'color' merchants. Their paints are thick, almost buttery, but easy to mix on the canvas. Sennilier produces 145 colors and over 100 oil pastels, the later have the consistency of lipstick and were first produced for Picasso in 1949. Below is some background on Sennilier from their website.

"1887, Gustave Sennelier, a devoted chemist and exceptional colorist, established himself as a purveyor of fine-Artists' paints Quia Voltaire in Paris. Surrounded by artists, he developed the first range of colours : Sennelier Artist oil. These quality oil paints have been used for paintings nowdays exhibited in the world's greatest museums. In fact, Sennelier offers a wide range of quality colors that have attracted great painters such as Cezanne, Picasso, Bonnard, Soutine. The Sennelier shop is a meeting place for artists, they maintain creative exchanges that leads to the development of new techniques and unique colours.

Colours that have forged Sennelier's reputation have been retained, such as Madder Lake Deep and Genuine Cobalt Blue, the industry benchmark. Signature transparent colours, such as Chinese Orange and Cinnabar Green, invented by Gustave Sennelier in conjunction with the Impressionists, have contributed significantly to the evolution of art styles through the Fauves, Cubists, and beyond. From Bonnard's blues to Mogdigliani's favorite flesh tones, Sennelier colours have been inspired by the masters and have been an inspiration to them.

2012, the Sennelier products' range has expanded : soft pastel "à l'Ecu", oil pastel and oilstick, watercolor, acrylic, tempera, gouache, ink, with an unchanged regard for quality that allows Sennelier to stay a brand recognized and appreciated by painters. For its 125th aniversary, Sennelier goes on with increasing fervor to combine the traditions of the Old Masters with the innovations of modern chemistry, to please today and tomorow's Artists asking for vibrant and eternal colours."

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