Sunday, August 26, 2012

Observations from le Voyage 8.26

Sitting outside at a cafe across from my one time hotel, sipping iced coffee, while my bags are all packed and stacked in the hotel lobby waiting to go home. Sadly I don't think I'm as ready for that trip as they seem to be. The inside of the cafe was decorated by Catherine Deneuve and though it looks good I'm not at all sure what she was after. It has the feel of a large living room but I mean seriously, a glass coffee table? It has a nice terrace to sit outside and ponder life so I wont complain about it. Actually I haven't found anything to complain about since I'm here other than the fact that I wont be here much longer. One thing I do miss is my Sunday New York Times, the IHT is basically the same thing but yet it isn't, something about it just seems off. It makes no matter as my cab is here to take me to Charles de Gaul, meh ....

When I was still at the cafe my brother called to ask when my flight landed at JFK and he got a bit confused when I answered. He wasn't the first to be confused by my schedule as it wasn't all that easy explaining to Ash that she should be at the airport just two hours after I left. It goes like this, my flight leaves CDG at 7PM Paris time and arrives at JFK at 9PM New York time which is six hours behind Paris. All this means is that my eight hour flight only takes two hours off the clock and my mind, not to mention my comps, will think it's 3AM which it will be in Paris. Got it? Well Sean came up with something more, in its day the Concorde made the same Paris/New York flight in three hours so in a way you would arrive in New York before you ever left Paris. Just try and figure that one out.

One thing I learned this week is that I truly do love this city and I really do want it to be mine one day. I also learned that I've changed drastically in the past few years. Thing is I may have changed just as much in the past week but than I suppose dreams will do that to you.

It's about time to board so I want to get this posted quick. It's not going to be my last post about this trip or my last about Paris but it will be my last post from Paris, for now anyway. I plan on being back soon one way or another.

Before I go, my sis moved yesterday and starts classes tomorrow morning. There is a little known secret that says she may even play field hockey but I didn't tell. No, no, not me. Good luck gurl!

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