Thursday, August 16, 2012

Observations from the Window 8.16

At times I may mentioned horoscopes because I have a fondness for them, not that I live my life by them, I just like horoscopes. Seriously, they are often dead on so shoot me if you must. This isn't about my horoscope though but about dreams. Some people actually believe you can predict your life by interpreting your dreams. Thankfully I was never one of them because that's just crazy. My lack of belief in dreams may be a result of my lack of dreams which  may be because of my lack of sleep, or maybe my non-lack of alcohol and caffeine. I'm not a doctor so I wont get into why I don't dream.

The thing is with my big trip coming up Saturday I don't want to take any chances so when I actually had a dream last night I was forced to act on it. It was a simple dream of which I remember little but I do remember I had a pink pillowcase on my bed. I have so many pillows on my bed you could drown in them but they all have black pillowcases so I was forced to buy a pink one today and to be safer I bought another pillow too. This means I have a virgin pillow with pink pillowcase on my bed as I write this. That is too weird, but than so am I.

My flight to Paris leaves JFK at 10 PM Saturday night and today I made a discovery that has far reaching implications for my time until than. JFK is in New York which is good because I am in New York along with my tickets and semi-packed luggage. This is all good. What i discovered today is that my passport is NOT in New York it is in central Pennsylvania. This is not good, this is bad. As a matter of fact it is very very bad. At this point I can't even trust FedEx so I'm going to have to take Foxy on a road trip sometime before Saturday night. Maybe I should have bought pink sheets too.

Less than 48 hours now, stay tuned.

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