Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Observations from the Edge 9.26

Welcome to the new world. This is a video of the end of a protest in Madrid, Spain yesterday. The protest was over Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy government's plan to impose €39 billion of 'austerity' reforms on the Spanish economy. They would include tax increases, budget cuts, and something called structural reforms to social programs. As in Greece the Spanish recession continues to deepen with each round of cuts yet the government's only answer seems to be yet more cuts.

Recently GOP leaders have accused President Obama of looking to Europe for ideas, not that this is always a bad thing, yet if the Romney/Ryan plans for massive cuts in social programs isn't austerity what is? The question is would the end result of American austerity look something like this? Hopefully we will never know because it seems more and more like Willard is heading for a crash of epic proportions.

25 septiembre 2012


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