Thursday, December 6, 2012

Observations from the Coffee Shop 12.6

It's the end of the year so every place you look is another one of those end of the year lists which I really don't like all that much. I can't say I'm thrilled with the thought of looking at them for another month but this video makes it all worthwhile because I love movie trailers almost as much as movies. I sat and watched it over and over as I tried to figure out what each movie was. He does an awesome job.

This is the third year that he has made the video so if you want to see more just follow the link to The Sleepy Skunk's YouTube channel, "Movies That Come To The Rescue" is a good one.

2012 Movie Trailer Mashup


Published on Dec 2, 2012 by sleepyskunk
1. 'Pruit Igoe' - Composed by Philip Glass (Nonesuch Records)
2. 'Tick Tick Boom' - Performed by The Hives (Polydor Records)
3. 'Outro' - Performed by M83 (Naïve Records and Mute Records)

I dedicate this video to my cat Gaston who normally sits by my side when I engage into crazy long editing ventures (he even assisted me on The Amazing Spider-Man in 25 minutes!). Unfortunately, the poor thing had to be treated for colon disease a few weeks ago and was obligated to sit this one out. I hope to edit many more videos with him in years to come. Cheers Gaston :)

Have a safe Holiday Season moviebuffs!

12/7 update - I didn't realize until later that one of the better movie mashups from last year wasn't by this, emm, sleepy skunk. Rather than embed another complete video I'll just drop the link here. This is probably the best mashup from 2011. The 2011 Portfolio. Hopefully the link works, YouTube just updated yet again and everything is different.

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