Saturday, December 1, 2012

Observations from the Window 12.1

This is one of those totally strange posts I throw in now and than. The kind I come up with, I should say the kind Ash comes up with when I suddenly have no idea what to write about. She just throws something around like "hey, what are your top played songs on iTunes and what the hell does it mean?" So here you have my ten most played songs from iTunes but I have no clue as to what they mean other than I don't seem to have a fav genre of music. Keep in mind I do wipe out the play numbers now and than so Carly Rae Jepsen is pretty much a fluke that I'm going to blame on the Olympics. Also, I removed any Lady Gaga or Britney tunes from the list because I just didn't want to seem weird.

Call Me Maybe (Manhattan Clique Remix), Carly Rae Jepsen
Miss You Paradise (Shogun Remix), Emma Hewitt
Impossible, Anberlin
Pray Tell, Anberlin
Colours (Armin Van Buuren Remix), Emma Hewitt
Drive By, Train
Hypocritical Kiss, Jack White
A Lot of Things Different, Kenny Chesney
Amerika, Rammstein
That's Life, Frank Sinatra

I thought about adding a top Christmas song list to make it seasonal but than I realized too many of the top tunes were Mariah Carey. I dropped that idea because, like I said, I didn't want to seem strange or anything.

So there you have it. My first, and hopefully last, iTunes top ten list. Plan your holiday parties accordingly.


  1. I think post like these are us readers more insight into you which is always nice. You should do more :)
    I like your list though. Not just one type of music which I think is great.
    And you're not strange. We all have our various likes/dislikes in many areas. Just makes you unique and there's nothing wrong with that :)
    And if you decide to do another list...I'll definitely be looking forward to it :D
    Kara XO
    PS..Love your blog!!!!

  2. Wonderful songs. Don't worry about Carly Rae- She's a ringtone of mine and I listen to mostly rock and pop/rock. She's a sneaky one. Amerika? When do you listen to that? It's a good song, but hard to work into a daily playlist.

    I only have issues with Train. I mean, they're called "train" and then they write songs called "cab" "drive by" "counting airplanes" and "parachute" and nothing about trains! :)

    1. Well you have to name a band something and Train is as good as anything else. Somehow I doubt Pussy Riot sings anything about ... well you get it.

      Amerika? I love that, it might have one of the best videos ever. I listened to tunes more like that in college, NY seems to have screwed everything up. I don't have a playlist per se, just let it shuffle away and see what I get. It's a daily adventure.