Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Observations 12.9

I'm going to start with a quick warning. The Eagles won a football game today, the Mayan apocalypse is upon us.

For possibly the first time in my life I have three biographies started. Now I've often had three books started but never three bios, I hope I don't get anything mixed up. I guess that isn't possible with these three books; Ted Kennedy's True Compass, Keith Richards's Life, and Salman Rushdie's Joseph Anton: A Memoir.

Not sure if it's a sign of the times or what but at the moment one of the more popular quotes on my tumblrs is this from Charles Bukowski, "My soul is sadder than all the dead Christmas trees of the world."

I don't want to be totally depressing on a Sunday evening but this week I saw a good article in Forbes about sex trafficking which it says is now a $32 billion a year industry worldwide. I'm not going to get into it, the article isn't long if you want to read it, but I wanted to share this line. It's one of those things that is so obviously true but evidently isn't seen that way in this country. "Legally, they cannot consent to sex with an adult, so the use of the term “child prostitution” in the media is misleading. In any other context, this would be considered statutory rape."

A few days ago I said that there was a lot going on in the art world this week but I have yet to finish that post. One of the major things was the ribbon cutting at the new Louvre-Lens museum which will officially open later this week. The museum will contain over 300 works from the Louvre. The other thing was the Art Basel show in Miami. A funny geek thing happened this morning that relates to the Miami show. I was reading a Le Monde article about it and hit the tweet button which than said it was posted. It hadn't so I tried again with the same result. Turned out something in the french name of the culture section was telling twitter it was a direct message so it wouldn't send it.

Finally Ash's line of the week, "If you are going to call yourself a painter you really need to paint."



  1. My laptop joined its Russian brethren (I speak to it in Russian to wake it up) in thinking the world is ending. It refused to load my mouse driver all morning. Next time I'm going to name it something cool and collected, like a Canadian :)

    Wish I could paint well. But I have "fresh paint" on my laptop bc of windows 8 and I actually really love it.

    1. The only speaking I do to my comps isn't printable hear. Actually my newest one has Windows 7 and it's been good to me so far. How is Windows 8?

      If it was Canadian it would be depressed about the NHL. It would just be drinking beer instead of hoarding vodka.

  2. YAY Eagles!!!!!! My team kicked some ass last night to :D Nice to see another football fan :) I'm a big Football & Basketball fan. Though like Philly all sports are big in the New England Area.
    I like the mix of bios you're reading to. I use to read them a lot but it's so hard to find the time now I don't even know what the last one I read was.
    Hope you had a nice weekend.
    Kara XO

    1. lol, thanks! but the Eagles have only won 4 games this year so not so good.