Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Observations 1.6

So I woke up to a perfect storm of hockey this morning. After a 113 day lockout and a 16 hour negotiating secession came this from The New York Times, "Breaking News: NHL and Players Union Reach Tentative Agreement to End Lockout." As I was reading the headline it was snowing slightly in the Village, a documentary on the Philadelphia Flyers was on HBO, and today just happens to be Flyers owner Ed Snyder's 80th birthday. No details on when the season will start or how long it will last but this is critical information as my brother owes me a trip to a Flyers game which was last year's birthday present and I have every intention of collecting it.

I really don't watch a lot of TV other than sports and the usual Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Alex Wagner MSNBC lineup but suddenly I find myself swamped with things I want to see. I had been watching Revolution from the start but I never got back to it after a storm named Sandy took out our cable. I always thought Falling Skies looked good so when it showed up free on Amazon Prime I started watching that and burned through season one in a week. Now Bo is coming back in season three of Lost Girl and I haven't seen any of season two yet. But Lost Girl just appeared free on Netflix so I'm torn between watching the second seasons of Falling Skies and Lost Girl. Netflix also has all the seasons of Nikita for free so if I can't make up my mind I can always watch that. Than again soon I can just watch hockey.

While I'm on entertainment, I mentioned before I was reading Salman Rushdie's "Joseph Anton" which is actually a memoir of Rushdie's after he wrote "The Satanic Verses." If you like memoirs or history it really is very good but it's a hard book to start. Joseph Anton is the name Rushdie came up with at the request of his guards from the Special Branch of the British Metropolitan Police. What you have is Rushdie writing a biography of Anton who is actually Rushdie and sometimes reads like Anton writing a memoir of Rushdie who is at the same time Anton. Once you get past all that it's an easy read and sometimes reads more like a spy novel than anything else. Just take my word for it.

Happy Birthday Mr. Snyder, somewhere Reggie Dunlop is smiling.

You can look that one up.

update - I'm not sure if this is an update to this post or yesterday's on Penn State and the way stories twist around each other. No NHL schedule has been announced yet but it will either be a 48 or a 50 game season. If it is a 48 game season the Flyers will open with an early afternoon game against the hated Penguins on January 19th in Philadelphia. Early afternoon because that night the new Terry Pagula financed Penn State ice hockey team plays Vermont at the Wells Fargo Center.


  1. I'm so excited about hockey coming back to!!!! I miss going to my Bruins games :( I'm a huge sports fan to. Ideally I would love to use my communications degree to work in the sports industry...however it's not an easy industry to break into :/
    As for TV....I'm a TV DVR is always recoding something LOL. All the shows you listed I watch and love them. As for Revolution....check HULU, they have it on there. Depending if you have cable (and the company you have) they'll could have it available on their website or on Demand. I just watched the first season of the ABC show "Scandal" on Netflix in one day.....totally hooked. Now I need to try and catch up on season 2. And one week until Season 3 of Lost Girl....can't wait!!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    Kara XOXO

    1. Thanks, I think I have "Revolution" on demand but I don't know if I want to bother. I really like "Falling Skies" and one can only watch so many post apocalyptic shows at the same time. I think the last show I watched that fast was the first season of "Game of Thrones," that was awesome. I think the third season of that is coming in March.

      Bruins? Seriously??

  2. It's funny...I never got into shows like this until I met my ex (but still BFF) Jess. She really enjoys genre TV and got me hooked on a lot of shows. Game of Thrones is another show we enjoy. We have HBO so we just watched it as it aired.
    I enjoyed Revolution myself...I didn't find it as dark as Falling Skies. They ended the first half of the season in November..the rest of the season doesn't come back on until 3/25. As for Falling Skies..(not sure what season you're on) I really enjoyed Season 2. The really picked up the pace of the show and got more into the background of the Aliens that conquered earth. I'm really looking forward to Season 3 this summer.

    And yes....Bruins LOL I'm from MA!!! The State where all 4 Major sports have won and we have 7 Championships in the last 10yrs :P I do love when we play Philly Teams though (except for the year your Flyers came from 3 down to win 4 straight and beat my Bruins :( ...I was at the games in Boston.) because your City appreciates it's 4 major sports like we do. Most areas you'll see 1 or 2 major teams getting a little love. The rest they don't care about. Not in Philly & Boston....good or bad we still support our teams. Plus it makes for good trash talk when we play each other ;)

    Go Bruins!!! :P
    Kara XOXO