Tuesday, January 12, 2010

David Reed

Tonight I attended a pre-opening event at Peter Blum Gallery in Soho. I'm not about to do this for every event I go to but it was the first and his work is totally kewl. I especially liked the working papers. I tend to doodle and write notes in a sketch book when I'm painting but I never really thought about how somebody else might do it.

Excerpt from show release

"Well-known for his abstract paintings, the working drawings and color studies provide a rare glimpse into David Reed’s process and contemplations. The color studies display Reed’s experiments with color, light, and form. Works such as “Color Study #27? exhibit his signature winding, wrapping, rhythmic ribbon-like shapes, and lay the groundwork for the paintings. While the working drawings, ultimately, provide a kind of diary of the artist and each painting, recording Reed’s deliberations and struggles with the work over days, or even years. For example, in “Working Drawing #295-3? Reed writes, “3/19 Thought at first that this would work – no longer sure.” Likewise, they contain a biographic and personal element, chronicling events in Reed’s life, from studio visits to protests occurring outside his window. Made on grid paper, the working drawings possess the qualities of an architectural drawing with schematics outlining compositions and dimensions, or a scientific journal with detailed notes on decisions made regarding color. Just as Reed turns his paintings as he works, he turns the drawings, resulting in writing that is at times upside down or sideways."

Oh and there was champagne !

David Reed Studio

Peter Blum Gallery

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