Sunday, January 17, 2010


I Love ....

To wear black and look at bright shades of blue. A cold Corona with a lime rubbed on the mouth of the bottle. A good cup of coffee. The sound of the ocean rolling onto the beach and the smell of the mountains. A wood fire.

B&W photography and fireworks. I love being the loner and talking to friends. Candles and waking up in a dark bedroom wrapped in my blanket.

Long hot showers ….

Warm cookies, seafood, everything bagels, and hot spicy foods. Movies that go boom. Shakespeare, Bruce Willis, and ‘24’. I love to read when I have time, the SyFy network, and MSNBC.

The feel of soft leather on my bare legs ….

Gazing at the full moon on a cloudless night and lightning. I love driving my beetle ‘Foxy’ on the interstate with top down. Female bass players, loud music, and the quiet of a soft snowfall.

My family, my friends, and wearing leather jackets. Always wearing leather jackets.

I love my art ….

I seemingly love life more everyday


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