Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras

Visions of gurls wearing beads and trinkets and little else dancing in my head. Fat Tuesday. Back home ‘Fastnacht Day’. Really just a reason to eat fried dough. A time to party.

Just a wee little drink before work to start out.

Where did it all go wrong? It ended in, of all things, a political discussion.

A simple question. What do republicans stand for? Do they stand for anything or are they really just the party of no, anything but that, or no you won’t?

How can you as a block vote against the PAYGO bill? If there was ever a conservative bill this was it. All it means is that if you have a bill with increased spending it also has to include equivalent revenue increases or spending cuts. It was the law in the Clinton era and revoked in the W. Funny how the budget is no longer balanced.

It moved on to the W stocked Supreme Court, in the Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission decision, saying corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money in election campaigns. Its called free speech they say. Seems more like somebody put up a ‘for sale’ sign on capital hill.

Finally it ended with health care reform. I guess it does all tie together. I have a pretty good idea where all those record drug and insurance company profits are going to go. Really this country will be bankrupt soon. And it won’t be wars, or environmental laws, social security, or the national debt that does it. It will be because of health care. It will be because the richest nation on earth doesn’t know what the hell it is doing. Anywhere between 15 and 40 million Americans don’t have health insurance. No matter what the number it’s just wrong.

Sadly I think Washington is morally bankrupt already.

In the end i was called too damn radical. But at least I got a free drink out of it.

But what happened to my bead clad gurls …..



  1. In my own comment i might add, Sara Palin please go the fuck away. Thank you!

  2. i want to show you an argument i had with an old sl friend about the healthcare someday. what she said sounded very wrong but i could not argument about it casue i dont really know much about how your tax system works.
    Bottom line, *everyone* should be able to get proper care when needed.

  3. that *is* the bottom line kalle. no matter what it costs, in a country this rich, nobody should go without health care. and not millions !!