Saturday, February 13, 2010

Observations from the Gallery

So here you have a hybrid post. It was written the old fashioned way with a pen and paper than posted with a borrowed netbook. From a bar no less!

Valentine’s Day eve and the streets are full of peeps. Just running all over like they were finally let loose after a couple days trapped with somebody they just had enough of. It would be nice to make some money today. Maybe start a new tradition of giving art as a Valentine’s gift. So screw those flowers and chocolates.

I really need to bring in my ipod and hijack the sound system in here. This nu-jazz, hyper-funk, Lady GaGa bullshit is driving me to the brink. And why do guys keep hitting on me? Why? Why? Why? Maybe I need to get tattoos.

I still miss ‘Foxy’. I totally need to find a way to get her here for the spring and summer. As of now I have no idea what that is. Than again maybe I should worry about health insurance first.

The snow looks like piles of gray crap now. I have a better description but I’ll refrain from using it. Well it has a little to do with deer and interstates. I’ll leave it at that.

Danica Patrrick crashed in her NASCAR debut in Daytona. Hopefully she has better days to come.

I never did sell anything today.



  1. it's not rocket science that guys will hit on you, furthermore if you get tattoos even more will do so ;-)

  2. oh i can always count on you kalle. what if i get a tat on my forehead that says i dont like guys ;-)

  3. well, Kaycee. i guess that's whats required :-) it is quite easy to spot the gay guy. but to spot the gay woman.. its a bit trickier.. I know most guys only think with the wrong head when they are drinking but still, it is not strange if they will hit on you.

  4. and you would never do such a thing would you kalle ??

  5. hit on a gay girl? has never happened! :-p