Thursday, February 11, 2010

Observations from the Gallery

The day after snowmageddon ….

The day after a big snowstorm hits New York everything becomes a bit more treacherous. Street corners turn into snow filled slushy pits. Sidewalks on side streets were actually clearer yesterday. Nobody seems to think you have to shovel more than one time. Washington Square Park, a pristine white yesterday, is grey and dreary. And everybody on the street is cold and bitchy.

If you have to work during a blizzard it’s best to do it with red wine, kahlua, and coffee.

Best moment of the storm. Taking pics in Central Park, the best moment and the quietest rolled into one. I just stood there for awhile and listened to the snow fall. I closed my eyes and at that moment I wasn’t in New York. I was back in the mountains.

I’m watching the news and have to feel bad for spots farther south. I don’t remember storms like that, one on top of another, even in the mountains. But if the federal government gets a snow day for an inch of snow, well, does that mean they will have three weeks off now? Maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Sadly designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in London today. He was only 40 years old. I’m not big into fashion but it’s the talk of the Village today. Well I’m not big into non-black fashion anyway.

The far right loonies seem to be using snow as proof that global warming is a farce. What a bunch of tards. Limbaugh says we should all ask Al Gore what is going on. As Keith Olbermann answered “It’s snowing, moron!”

But that’s all science to me. Ill have to take that up some other day.


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