Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Observations from the Window

So I’m sitting in my window watching my first snow in the Village. As always people fill the street as cabs slide around as they make their turns. I just have to wonder how a cabbie, just in from India or some such place, deal with their first snow?

Funny things begin to happen as the impending doom falls from the sky. As he closed schools Mayor Bloomberg made a speech as if the world was about to come to an end. He said the city would deploy an army of 5000 people and 1600 plows to ‘fight the storm’. How does one fight a storm?

Yet, at the same time, NYU announced classes would begin at 9am.

Buildings in the city are responsible for snow removal. I’m just wondering who does the shoveling at the gallery. I mean does the lowly peon have to do it? And I’ve been told people bring in booze and hangout when it snows. So, if I’m the one shoveling, does somebody bring me a drink? I miss my coffee bitches more and more.

Now one of the funniest things I ever saw. Across the street is a man selling snow shovels on the corner. He is standing right in front of a shop that has containers of fresh flowers in the window. So where does one find a case of snow shovels on short notice. Now I have to wonder, do I have a snow shovel? And how much are this dude’s?

The Daily News has but a small headline on the cover, ‘Brace For the Blizzard Of 2010’, but the sports section. Oh the sports section.

Stay tuned as snowmageddon continues.


Update before i head to the gallery. If I hear one more person say something 'hey isn't this global warming great' I'm going to hurl. And the best line I have heard on TV coverage of the storm 'the wimpification of america continues'.

I'm off to be a wimp !!


  1. think the global warming is a bogus, have had temps of -4f here and lower than that so damn long now. its getting warmer though wich are good.... and i who was happy that we would get some warmer weather. grrrrr. oh and yes the sport section looks damn nice :-p

  2. dont start with the global warming thing kalle !