Thursday, February 4, 2010

Observations from the Gallery

A little over a month into this grand experiment I feel comfortable enough to sit at the desk with sweet black boots propped up. Some thoughts ….

Things I miss

Seeing my brother everyday, the mountains always the mountains, deer by the side of the road, ‘Foxy’, geeking from the tavern, the whole college atmosphere, seeing JoePa now and than, and seeing the sky.
Being able to drive thirty minutes in any direction and be alone, totally alone, with my thoughts.
Sitting in my office looking at my paintings on the wall and having my coffee bitches do my bidding.
Court’s scratch made waffles for breakfast and her media chats.

Things I would miss if I went back now

The pure adrenaline rush I get getting up in the morning and looking out the window.
Our coffee shop, which seems to have pretty much replaced the tavern as my second home. Just living in the Village.
Getting a copy of the Times at 4am and reading it before I go to bed.
Meeting Ash for breakfast, after she has been up all night, and listening to her early morning political diatribes.
Having every other Monday off.

Hmmm seems to be more in the first list.

Stay tuned.


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