Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Constance McMillen Update 4.7

Ill just keep my mouth shut before I start to vent again. But I thought I would share some things I was reading yesterday.

“…I have a challenge to every prom committee out there in every city, town, and village across America. Show the world that we're not all like the parents and students of the Itawamba County School district. Send an invitation to Constance McMillen. You don't need to be elaborate, no pomp and circumstance, you just need to send a note to Constance, via the ACLU of Mississipi, that asks simply, "You wanna go to the prom?"
from Michael Seitzman via The Huffington Post

“…Back to present day: the school district attorney invited Constance and all the other students to a prom at the country club in Fulton, on Friday April 2nd. because of the low turn out and from sources in the area, LGR has found out that there was a “real prom” held for the school’s straight, popular students. The rumor is that school officials were directly involved in this ruse …”
from Lezgetreal

“…We can all learn a lot from Constance McMillan and how she has handled herself -- when we see something that doesn't seem right, it probably isn't. And it is the responsibility of every one of us to take some kind of action on behalf of fairness. Whether you bring up bullying at the next PTA meeting, write a letter to the Itawamba County School District, or call out your friends or co-workers when they say "faggot" or "that's so gay," you are improving the climate for queer youth -- and adults. Do something.”
from Candace Gingrich-Jones also via The Huffington Post

“Here’s the news, from a source I view as extremely reliable. The prom the school district promised at the country club in Fulton was a ruse. Only seven kids, Constance, and her date showed, and at the same time, everyone else held a “real” prom at a secret location out in the county …”
from Y’all Politics

Y’all Politics? I read to damn much ....

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  1. and a little addition ....

    "When I was Constance’s age, I would never have had the courage she has to stand up for who I was and to demand basic respect and equality. Constance has sparked a remarkable and sustained outpouring of support. Her story and her truth have inspired everyone committed to justice."