Friday, April 23, 2010

Observations from the Gallery

A crowd of hundreds showed up in Chelsea this morning, protesting at the hearing on proposed limits on the number of art vendors allowed in the four major parks in the city. Personally I wanted to go but I didn’t make it because I couldn’t drag my sorry ass out of bed. Than again maybe I’m just turning into one of those typical cynical New Yorkers. I figure all bets are on the cupcakes anyway.

Sometimes Stephen Colbert just rocks. Just sayin.

I now own a copy of Avatar. I figure now I can die in peace and quiet because nobody will be asking why I didn’t see it yet. Put it on my grave marker ‘damnit I did see Avatar now leave me in peace!’

USA Today celebrated Earth Day 2010 by publishing a special insert for Thursday’s paper. Does this mean trees just don’t count on Earth Day?

There is a show on Logo called ‘Exes and Ohs’ that somehow managed to slip under my well oiled radar. I stumbled on it at the gallery today. A kind of younger, funnier, less serious ‘L World’, it’s based on the short film ‘The Ten Rules: A Lesbian Survival Guide’. It’s worth a look.

For the record the changes in vendor rules would limit Central Park to 49 vendors, Union Square to 18, Battery Park to 9, and High Line to 5. Five? I mean seriously it's huge, why bother with any at all.

The Urban Dictionary defines village idiot as 'a total dumbass'.

If this is the Village I'm nominating Mayor Bloomberg for idiot. Just sayin.

tuneage, Within Temptation - Utopia


  1. Huh? What's wrong with cupcakes? I think a cupcake crown would be the perfect adornment for the village idiot! But the question then we consider that art?

  2. Nothing is wrong with cupcakes, but $5 cupcakes? and omg, *that* is art !!