Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Run

I woke up late for me on a Saturday morning, late that is for morning that I had been to bed before sunrise. Running across the street for a paper I was struck by the utterly gorgeous morning. Even the city air smelled fresh for a change and a plan hatched in my tired brain. I didn’t have to be at the gallery till noon, I had time.

The Run was born.

Pulling on a leather jacket I grabbed my keys and headed for Foxy. As I started the engine I rolled down the windows and popped in a fav Linkin Park CD. I backed out of my space and smiled at the security guard who was probably not expecting me to move an inch.

Heading out of the garage I made my way to Sixth Avenue and headed north. Now traffic on a Saturday morning isn’t as bad as it is the rest of the week. Just an extra dose of tourista buses to deal with. So I quickly made my way past Radio City Music Hall and drew a bead on Central Park which I intended to completely circle. I drove passed the brownstones and luxury apartments of ‘Gossip Girl’ fame, dodged the limos, and made my way around the north side of the park. Than south down the east side where i avoided the famous horse drawn carriages, the urban Amish of New York if you will. As I finished my run around the park I slid through Columbus Circle and headed Foxy south on Broadway.

Tunes were totally blaring by now as I weaved my way around assorted loons, cabbies, buses, and one mounted police officer. As I sped up on my way south I prayed to any gods who would listen that the horse couldn’t read a radar gun. I raised my middle finger in salute as I passed Madison Square Garden, home of the long hated Rangers of the NHL. Finally straight on through NYU, which was filled with swarms of students out enjoying the warm sun. This was the only point of the run where I found it difficult to keep my eyes on the road. A quick left took me around Washington Square Park, passed my apartment, and back to the garage.

Till I parked Foxy again it was about an hour of pure ecstasy. It reminded me of something my bartender buddy had said the night before. In between bands Led Zeppelin's 'Khasmir' came on the sound system. She looked at me and said 'listening to this song is as good as sex.' I know that feeling.

I know my dad would totally kill me so I’m hoping he doesn’t read this. But just incase ….

Love ya Dad!

tuneage, Linkin Park - Faint


  1. wow, you and your bartender friend need to be having better sex!

    /me runs away fast..

  2. do you mean me and her together val ??

    run away as fast as you want, i *will* hunt you down ;-)

  3. nah, cause you'd both rather be listening to Led Zeppelin!