Monday, April 19, 2010

Observations from the Window 4.19

So I’m sitting in my window still waiting on that sunscreen vendor. Guy is selling t-shirts now, rip-off Yankees hats and t-shirts. Come on Phillies fan here, don’t make me sick. I know it’s just spring and not summer but I want to see sunscreen out there. My fear is he is going to skip right to those little plastic minifans and I’ll have to get my sunscreen elsewhere. I don’t do Walmart. Oh but wait, there is no Walmart!

I check on Foxy everyday but I have yet to drive her in the city. I start her little engine and listen to a tune than leave her again. I’m thinking the security guards are thinking I’m a bit insane. Well ….

Ever watch ‘Mythbusters’? That show is so totally kewl. So I guess I must be a closet science geek now.

I guess I’ll have to go out and buy ‘Avatar’ on Thursday so I’m no longer one of the few humans who have never seen the movie. And I quit hearing ‘you never saw it?’ I can’t believe some stores are opening at midnight just to sell one movie!

I did some wandering today and ended up at Battery Park at the very tip of Manhattan. It has a more touristy and less artsie feel than my home park, Washington Square, but the setting is simply stunning. Looking out at the bay and the Statue of Liberty with the buildings of Wall Street behind you, even on a Monday its filled with art vendors and street performers. It seems like the beginning and the end of the world all at the same time.

You just have to look out and wonder.

tuneage, AFI - Beautiful Thieves

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