Friday, April 30, 2010

Obsevations from the Roof 4.30

(4-29) Darkness falls later and later in the Village every night. After last night’s bright full moon an overcast sky makes it hard to see anything above the city but the flickering lights of jets heading who knows where.

Did you ever come to a point in your life, a seminal moment maybe, where paths seem to lead off in every direction? Leaving you standing alone in the crossroads wondering which path is the one to take. Standing there knowing deep down in your heart that each one leads to vastly divergent futures. One path leading to happiness, one to possible fame and glory, and another possibly the path back to hell. You have no idea which is which as the sun passes farther and farther below the horizon.

The night gets darker and darker, the darkness itself beginning to swallow you as you stand there alone, still wondering.

(4-30) As of now I don’t know which path to follow but I think it’s time to start figuring it out. A combination of a beautiful night and slight glow down one path tells me a road trip is called for. So tomorrow I think I’ll set off to reconnect with some roots. Meet up with Sean, Court, who I haven’t seen since I moved, and maybe a little walk in my mountains.

I have some projects going I need to finish up. Ash still tries to convince me that I should be her partner in her little art buying and selling endeavor. A week at the beach house not that far away, with Fred’s once again calling my name. Time is slowly running out on my chance to go back to State and JoePa. It seems an interesting summer lies ahead. Once again I have a major decision to make and once again I have no effing clue what I will do. But I think a dawn run to the mountains is called for.

But I do know one thing. This fucked up life of mine is one hell of a ride.

'you can’t quit until you try, you can’t live until you die
you can’t learn to tell the truth, until you learn to lie ....'

tuneage, Sixx AM - Life is Beautiful

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