Saturday, May 1, 2010

Observations from the Mountains 5.1

Cruising down I80 on a warm Pennsylvania morning, top down, heavy metal crap blaring from the speakers, I watch for each sign as State College draws nearer and nearer. I speed up as I quickly cruise down I99, knowing it isn’t far now. Finally onto 322 and there in the distance, rising out of the morning fog, is Beaver Stadium. I have to smile to myself because it’s been awhile. Four months but it seems like so much longer.

I cruise slowly through the Penn State campus and head to my brothers apartment where I find him with a keg on the deck. Some things just never change. We sit on the deck drinking away the afternoon with his friends and I start to feel like the ‘den mother’ all over again.

Later I head over to Court’s house, before I moved to the Village my home for over a year. I pull Foxy into the familiar driveway and just sit and look for a few minutes. Than, as I get out of the car, out comes Court with a cold Corona in her hand. ‘Welcome home’ she says as drain half the bottle. Normally I try not to get to emotional (shutit!) but I really could have cried at this point.

Maybe it’s a sort of comfort zone in my life. A zone between my life in the Village and my dad’s, where I cant help but be reminded of my mom and the turmoil of my earlier life. Sometimes this feels more like home than anyplace I have ever known. And, if I’m honest with myself, it has for years.

There is a line in Last Tango in Paris. I don’t remember the line from the movie but I just saw it some magazine article and its rather fitting.

‘It’s over, and then it begins again.’

tuneage, Three Days Grace - The Good Life

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