Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Observations from the Road 6.29

Randomness from the road, phillypa

Philly looks a bit diff than last I was here, a little bit poorer and a bit grungier. Maybe it’s the times and you could say that for any city what with budget crunches canceling fireworks shoot em ups all over the country. I even gave a guy a couple bucks for a ride home. I know call me a sucker but I fell for the haven't worked in four years and just got this job cleaning floors and i have my lunch here in my bag so I'm telling the truth and my ride didn't show up so I'm stuck here man. Man? OK I gave him a couple bucks to shut the hell up. Hey why the hell you still have your lunch if you just got finished working? Damnit!

It’s totally amazing how even the slightest breeze feels so good on a sweltering day. Chatted up a pretzel vendor and was informed it is 50 degrees warmer inside his aluminum pretzel shed. I doubt it’s that much but it has to be scorching in there though. Pretzel was good though. But if you are going to spend a hot day walking around Philly don't leave your sneaks in New York.

Found a nice secluded bench in Independence Park. Trees, shade, breeze, and no peeps around to bother me. Smoked, tweeted, and read the Lady Gaga article in Rolling Stone. Bet that doesn’t happen here everyday. But that effing bell they ring in Independence Hall is effing loud when you are sitting just under it.

Japanese tourists have a penchant for two things, and one of them isn’t a camera. I’m talking cigarettes and umbrellas here. All the men were smoking and all the women where carrying umbrellas to shade their heads.

Speaking of cigarettes, a lot of people seem to smoke in Philly. At least more than you seem to see in New York, well if you don't include the Village. Outside every building you see people standing around smoking. It seems lawyers smoke the most of all and, by the way, some lawyers are smoking in more ways than one.

My sis eats sushi like I drink beer. Nough said.

Framing Hanley - You Stupid Girl

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