Thursday, July 1, 2010

Observations from the Road 7.1

Some last thoughts from the roadtrip to phillypa ….

While I was in Philly I had lunch at the Reading Terminal Market which is a kind of indoor farmer’s type market in the center of the city. It’s housed in an old railroad terminal building so that explains the name. You can find damn near anything to eat in here along with the usual flowers, bulk goods, and all the usual stuff. Did I mention food? So much to eat from sushi to scrapple. If you don't know what scrapple is don't ask and for god's sake don't look it up before you try it!

But I’m not trying to be your gay tour director here so I’ll get to my point. I’m sitting there eating the most wonderful greasy egg and bacon sandwich I bought at an Amish food stand. When I look around I realize that I’m sitting next to a Mexican food stand run by an Asian guy who was eating a cheese steak. Just one of those only in America moments you get every now and than.

I haven’t been to downtown Philly for years. Maybe not since I took some classes at Temple University when I was working on my masters degree. It’s so diff from the Village and New York, seemingly much more working class. I know it really isn’t that way now, industry having fled years ago, but it still has that feel to it. And, for whatever reason, the police seem to be a much happier bunch here than in New York. And there were police everywhere too, all drinking coffee and eating pretzels. I honestly didn’t see one donut!

I really need to get back sometime soon because around the edge of center city is a whole trove of new galleries. Or new since last I was there. It seems a lot more vibrant than I remember, even with its blue collar soul, but maybe that’s just me. I wanted to spend more time but lacking proper footwear, proper footwear being in my kitchen in the Village, I was tired of walking and had had about enough for one day.

I know it looks and reads like I am trying to be some pseudo Seth Kugel or a budding travelists but I’m not. I promise to quit now before it gets out of hand.

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