Thursday, June 17, 2010

Observations from the Window 6.17

Two more days till I go down to the shore. No, for the record, I said go down to the shore not go down on the shore. God I’m surrounded by dirty minds! And why do people always look at me strange when I call it the shore?

I have so many memories from the shore running from the very best to the very worst. But thankfully the bad ones are few and far between, I guess that is why they stand out sometimes. As much as I talk about the mountains it is the shore where I sometimes think I most belong.

I love walking on the beach at dawn as the sun just begins to break over the horizon. The sky blazes with more and more color and, if you are really lucky, dolphins leap just offshore. Now I’m not to sure how I will be getting up at dawn this time, the way my clock is re-tuned. I might just have to stay up all night to see the sunrise.

And I love the other end of the day too. Sitting on the deck as the sun sets into the bay behind me. Sipping a Corona and watching as people reel in their kites and the water gets darker and darker till all that’s left is the sound of crashing waves and the first reflections of moonlight.

I like buying fresh fruit in the morning from the truck right outside and ice cream in the afternoon. Reading away the afternoon on the deck, sketching, or it might be photo taking this year. Just sitting back and listening to tunes as the sun passes overhead. I am packed for most anything. Every little space in Foxy will be filled to the bursting point. But for now i must do some shopping as the vendor dude never did get my sunscreen.

The next time you hear from me it should be Observations from the Shore :)

Norah Jones - Sunrise

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