Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Observations from the Window 6.16

A wet dreary day outside the window today and I really don’t feel like writing anything. Maybe the lull before I head home Friday and the shore Saturday. Looking forward to the house, ocean, and Fred’s but I can’t forget my sis, friends, and hopefully some special downtime. Oh and Stieg too!

Anyways, like I said, I don’t feel like writing much but I wanted to pass along some things I read over the last few days. Each one touched me a little differently whether mad, sad, or just plain pissed off. The end of the first actually brought a tear to my eyes. So when you have a minute, ok maybe thirty, take the time to check them out.

"MARJA, Afghanistan — The Marine had been shot in the skull. He was up ahead, at the edge of a field, where the rest of his patrol was fighting. A Black Hawk medevac helicopter flew above treetops toward him, banked and hovered dangerously before landing nearby ...."

'As Afghan Fighting Expands, U.S. Medics Plunge In' via The New York Times

"KEY LARGO, Fla. — When rigs first started drilling for oil off Louisiana’s coast in the 1940s, Floridians scanned their shoreline, with its resorts and talcum-white beaches, and said, No thanks. Go ahead and drill, they told other Gulf Coast states; we’ll stick with tourism ...."

'Florida Skips Offshore Oil Binge but Still Pays' via The New York Times

"Reports have been coming out of the Gulf for days about British Petroleum blocking access to beaches and animal-cleaning stations, in some instances using private Blackwater-style mercenaries to do so ...."
'Enough of This Crap' via truthout

And finally my tune for the day, and a first at that, country music. But fitting.

tuneage, Brad Paisley - Alcohol

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  1. it was bought to my attention that i forgot two very important additions to the shore trip. Corona and porn :)