Monday, June 14, 2010

The View From The Roof

The view from the roof is so different from that of the street, or the window for that matter, that one has to wonder if it is of the same world. Just a few flights above the window seat is a place to utterly lose one’s self. The street and its sounds are lost in the canyons below. On the roof the city itself swirls around you in all its myriad scents.

At dawn the sky is a bright pastel with cool crisp air blowing up from the water. Sunset brings more muted hues and thick calm air as the sun falls into Jersey. The beer tastes good at either time.

When you sit on the roof and ponder life you begin to understand one thing. This really may be the center of the universe.



  1. or a small island with lots of tall buildings and too many people? ( sorry, couldn't resist) - fabulous work K!!!

  2. thanks Val ! lol, like i said you are soooo easy :)

  3. oh!! rumors, just rumors!