Friday, July 30, 2010

I Need To Know

I’m going to do something a little radical here, even for me. Maybe a Friday night is the wrong time but I’m stuck at home unable to drink and this is really totally eating at me. So I’m going to ask for comments, no, I’m going to beg for comments if you are a Republican. I want to know one thing and one thing only. What, if anything, does your party stand for?

Please bear with me for a moment.

The party of no. No to health care reform, Wall Street reform, unemployment compensation extension, and on and on. This isn’t my point because, right or wrong, I know all the arguments so spare me and I’ll come to my point.

Last night the House voted on the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, a bill that would have provided $7.4 billion in aid to victims of the 9/11 attacks. About $4 billion of this was for first responders who suffer after breathing in toxins while working at the site. I didn’t live in New York at the time but I was there not long after and saw what they went through. A month later dust still swirled around and made it hard to breath. President Bush stood at there and rightly praised the heroes of the day.

Now the Republican leadership calls this bill a ‘slush fund’ and it failed to pass by a vote of 255 – 159. Ten brave Republicans voted for the bill.

Now I’m going to repeat my question and beg for an answer because I just don’t get it at all. In the name of god what does your party stand for?

David Bowie - Heroes


  1. I don't think they know themselves. Anything from the other side, whether it is good for us or not, no chance. Pathetic.

    And still people vote for them later, as if everything they've ruined has been forgotten.


  2. sometimes they remind me of a bunch of sheep getting ready to follow the leader right over the cliff

    its pathetic all the time but that vote sent me over the edge so i needed to vent

    didnt get any takers tho !