Friday, July 30, 2010

Observations from the Window 7.30

I procrastinate, I always have but I think its getting worse as I get older. Procrastinate to the point that yesterday I spent a very painful day with a wisdom tooth that should have been pulled years ago. I couldn’t move, couldn’t function at all, so till the day was over I downed a bottle of ibus and looked lovingly at a bottle of Cabo Wabo I have been saving for something special. Even worse is the fact that in between ‘naps’ all I did was stare at MSNBC and twitter coming to the realization that there is a never ending stream of tards in our world. Now I always knew this but something about being in pain to start with and than finding another pain in the ass just brings it more into focus.

So as a new tard of the day I give you former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. A man whose day was already passing as I reached my teens, a man who used his power to shutdown the US government, and a man who resigned his seat in the House after having over 80 ethics violations charged against him. Now fifteen years later Newt seems to want to be President. And how will he run for president? Well he cant pull off the Sarah Palinesque leather clad bimbo next door style so he is going to follow that time honored Republican strategy, fear. He gave a speech in which he said that the US should pass a law that Sharia could never supplant the Constitution and liberal courts aren’t tempted to try to do so. He added that the Muslim community center to be built near ground zero is just a ‘outpost of sharia’ and shouldn’t be allowed under any circumstances.

Gingrich also said "There should be no mosque near ground zero in New York,so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia."

Honestly I didn’t know there was a chance of Islamic Law becoming the law of the land. I must have been drunk one night and missed that one. And the man was once Speaker of the House but he seems to have forgotten that the First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion and last I knew I don’t think it contained any exceptions. Gingrich, it seems to me, has just become a hate mongering bigot. If Palin and Gingrich are the best the ‘Party of No’ has to offer the national debate may the gods help us all.

Now I’m thinking I’m behind the times on this one, maybe I should become a Muslim too. I mean I’m far from the best Christian anyway so no biggie there. Than I could be a dark artsie gothy arrogant muslim dyke, keep on that cutting edge as a social outcast. Ill have to think on that one.

I have some other gems to pass on but I wrote more than I planned on this so maybe ill write more later. Right now I have to go lose a bitchin tooth.

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