Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Observations from the Window 7.27

It was a beautiful night on the roof last night. A full moon, in a clear sky,blazing above the city with just a few wisps of clouds glowing beneath it. It seems like weeks since the sky has been without haze, the air cool and not humid at all. It was simply a stunning night and is just as gorgeous morning.

That being said, and with all due respect to Keith Olbermann, for the first time I’m going to play my own version of oddball. I start with MTV’s show “Jersey Shore” which starts it’s second season run Thursday night in, of all places, Miami. Shouldn’t it now be called Florida Shore or Miami Beach? I don’t get it at all. I also don’t get the Chamber of Commerce of Seaside Heights, NJ who didn’t want them back saying it was bad for the city’s image. I saw somebody say, I’m sorry I don’t remember who, that you can’t drop a house full of New Yorkers in a Jersey beach house and think that is the Jersey shore. Now there are few places I know better than the Jersey shore and in some spots that is exactly what it is. Especially north of Atlantic City which is exactly where Seaside Heights is.

A weird bit of trivia for you here. As Rehoboth is to DCers and gays Wildwood is to French Canadians. Don’t ask me why I think you should know that, I just think you should.

Next up is Tony Hayward, yes the BP CEO Tony Hayward. Seems the man got the ax at BP. You know he did want his life back after all, little did he know he was going to get it back in Siberia of all places. They fucking sent him to Siberia! You just have to love the poetic justice of it all. But how is he going to race his yacht on the frozen tundra or, for that matter, spend his pension? The pension is reportedly worth just short of a million dollars a year. That just makes me gag on my morning coffee. Rule over one of the greatest environmental disasters in history and you get off with a million a year. Pathetic.

Did you know BP has yet to pay a dime into that 20 billion dollar escrow account? They are still negotiating they say. Maybe if some of those Republican congressmen and, sadly, women had kept their oil coated mouths shut it would have been long paid. Meanwhile the unemployed in the gulf get by making a pittance cleaning the beaches.

I give you myself as the final oddball. I was reading some of what I guess you could call the ‘Afghan papers’ in the Times today. I had the totally not like me thought that maybe a Republican needs to win the next presidential election in 2012. Like Nixon going to China, you get a lot of history in art history, maybe only a Republican could just pull out of Afghanistan without getting the ‘cut and run’ label thrown at them. I think that’s all that works at this point. After all the money wasted and all the lives spent it’s time to just declare victory and come home. It’s time to end the longest war in American history any fucking way possible. I just hope we start pulling out next year as planned because I don’t want to have to come to grips with that Republican thought I had. It just scares the hell out of me.

My final thought is we send Tony Hayward and Snookie to Afghanistan on a good will tour. If that doesn’t end the war nothing i know of will.

As always life goes on.

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  1. and it never ends. this from the WSJ

    "So, the clean-up of BP’s Gulf oil spill may cost U.S. taxpayers after all.

    President Obama has insisted BP would bear the entire cost of cleaning up the spill and making the injured business and wildlife whole again. And yet BP said today it plans to claim $9.9 billion in U.S. tax credits based on the $32.2 billion charge it reported related to costs for the Gulf oil spill. That means that $9.9 billion that might have been going into the federal government’s general fund will be used to cut BP’s spill costs by a third ..."