Thursday, July 8, 2010

Observations from the Library 7.8

It’s been so damn hot in the Village this week, hotter than I ever remember it being here. Today it isn’t so bad but it is way more humid than it has been and the ‘reel feel’ temperature is pushing 100 again. That’s effing hot, so hot I wore a skirt to work today. I had some things to do at the library too and luckily they keep it nice and cool in there. So hot I’ve been having this overwhelming urge to sit naked under the ceiling fan in our living room, just to let that air wash down over me.

So how hot is hot? I went to check on foxy yesterday and thought I was going to melt till I got out of her. Who in their right mind buys a black car with a black leather interior? And I have this mad desire to play ‘mythbuster’ and try and fry an egg on the hood of a car. Not my car though! You ever see what egg does to the finish of a car? I am going to need a volunteer for this. Speaking of the show ‘Mythbusters.’ I think that Kari Byron is kind of hot too. Her bio on the ‘Discovery Channel’ website says she is a trained painter, sculptor, and has had shows in major San Francisco galleries but sadly it seems she is married. So much for that idea.

But back to the heat in the Village. Another urge i have been having is to go buy a garden hose, take it up to the roof, and spray it straight up in the air. Just like when I was a kid. Which, before you ask, yes I was a kid once! Have I mentioned its freaking hot outside? Been taking warm, no cool, showers and forgoing my beloved steam. That means it is hot because I love my steam and my steam sometimes loves me back. And the ancient ac in our apartment building seems ready to give it up. I think it is pumping humidity back into the air in a total disregard of my comfort.

And where are all those global warming naysayers? Funny how you aren't hearing a peep out of them right now. Probably all safely enconsed in their air conditioned limos and mega homes all paid for with dollars form BP et al while the air seems to burn and the Gulf of Mexico turns to the color of bad coffee. All we need to make this story perfect is another Katrina sized storm blowing through the gulf.

But enough. I am going to the mountains this weekend for the big State College Arts Festival and a meet up with 'the kid' and my sis. It seems like a big chill down is on the way too with the high for Saturday supposed to be a comparatively frigid 75 in the mountains. I can hardly wait.

Billy Idol - Hot In The City


  1. "That means it is hot because I love my steam and my steam sometimes loves me back."

    *laughs so hard

  2. but it's true !! sometimes it does ;)