Saturday, September 25, 2010

Observations from the Roof 9.25, on Movies I Love

After the Phillies game last night I was up on the roof talking to my neighbor just enjoying the warm night and a few too many beers. The conversation turned to our favorite movies, the ones we know by heart or feel like we can’t do without. Sara’s list was dominated by comedy where mine is way too serious and filled with things that go boom. I'm not sure at all what that says about me, than again I do but I'm not going to say.

So here you go, in no particular order, my list of twenty movies I would want on that proverbial desert island. These are the ones I go back to again and again yet never seem to get enough of. Some of them I do know by heart and some I have certain scenes that I can play over and over. For the record a series counts as one movie. That way I get to take more movies to Kaui, I mean that desert island. I can be awfully sneaky like that but who is going to count?

“Casablanca”, “Rachel Getting Married”, “Lord of the Rings” trilogy (“Return of the King” is the best), “The Matrix” trilogy (the original “Matrix” is the best), “Underworld” both I & II, “Kill Bill” both I & II, “Out At The Wedding”, “”Domino”, “The Hurt Locker”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Gladiator” (makes it on the ‘My name is Gladiator’ scene alone), “Curse of the Golden Flower”, “Almost Famous”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Animal House”, “Bound”, “Kissing Jessica Stein”, “Amour de Femme” (“Love of Women”), “Zwartboek” (The Black Book”), and finally “South Pacific” (yeah I know but one of my mom’s favs and filmed on Kaui).

This is just a list pretty much made off the top of my head so I know I probably missed something I love but these will do just fine. I love movies and when I am at home I have them going in the background almost as much as I do music. So, like a list of fav music, this list could change over night. Also, back in February I did a list of the ten tunes I couldn’t do without so here is a link if you want to check it out (l).

Sick Puppies - Maybe (accoustic)


  1. already i want to cram "Lost in Translation" and "Le Femme Nikita" onto the list ....

  2. La femme Nikita is an extremly good movie and deffo up there with the 20 best for me. Leon by the same guy is awesome too.

    Speaking of movies. every week there is reports of the american team filming "The girl with the dragon tattoo". Did you see the swedish versions yet? the extended tv versions are the best. but i dont know if there are any english subtitles. I know there aren't any on the dvd. but there might be fan made ones on the net if you decide to download it.

  3. Leon? I have to check that out.

    I always wanted to see it kalle but I never have. i even had it in my hand one time to buy and than didn't. I read all three books and loved them so i have to get to the movie before the american one is made and prob ruins it.