Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thirty Days of Truths, Day 2

Something you love about yourself ....

Well slightly more difficult than day 1 but I can handle this one too. The easy and quick answer is I really like being tall. I have been taller than average since high school and it brings a certain amount of self confidence with it. But that's too easy and honestly it isn't something I love as much as enjoy.

What I truly love is how I think, how my mind works and sees the world around me. I don't believe I see the world the same as most people do, I know I don't. It's almost as if I see it emotionally because sometimes I see color where there isn't any. When I paint I see every color and shade of the painting in my mind as if it was already finished. It might take days, a case of beer, and a carton of cigarettes to get it right but I'm not happy till it's just as I saw it.

Now the flip side of this is the wrong person might think it’s just the result of way too many dead brain cells coloring my brain. But no it's a gift. or a flaw, I seem to have been born with.

Than again it could be I'm just weird.

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