Monday, December 13, 2010

Thirty Days of Truths, Day 23

Something I wish you I done in my life ....

It seems I got past that drug and alcohol post only to trip up on these two could have would have posts. I have to come up with something here because I used up my list option on the last one. Something I wish I had done seems so much harder than the something I want to do question.

My answer is something that came to mind watching my sister in the field hockey playoffs. Sometimes I do wish I had been just a little bit less arrogant in high school. I don't look back on those years as anything really positive and I don't talk to anybody from than other than my hockey coach and that is more because of my sister than anything else.

Maybe times changed some in the ten years between us but my sis just seems to handle it all so much better. I was just so cocky and arrogant and wasn't going to let anybody see any little crack in my armor. I was that dark gloomy (omg!) lesbian on the hockey team and I thrived on it. Looking back I could have handled it so much better but I really did enjoy living on that edge. It was who I was and I guess who I still am so really this is all worthless dribble because I probably would do it the same all over again.

I just think that if I hadn't left high school with the uber chip on my shoulder I might have handled my mom's cancer better and a lot of things might have been different. Than again I wouldn't so much to write about would I?

It is what it is ....

(Only seven more! I can so do this by Christmas.)

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