Friday, March 18, 2011

Observations from the Roof 3.18

After a long hiatus blogging, and more importantly drinking, has returned to the MacDougal Street roof. Five of us may not make a quorum but it's should be enough to declare the roof again open. It seems more like a mid June night than a mid March one but I'm not about to complain as I sit looking at a blazing super moon hanging over the Village. But I do want to know why the full moon seems to keep falling on a Friday. Neither Fridays nor full moons are anywhere near lucky for me so the combination is enough to make me reach for another drink.

Speaking of drinking, a major topic of conversation today was my theory that adding green food dye to beer makes the next day's hangover worse. I’ll call it the green hangover. Normally beer doesn’t give me a hangover but today I woke up with, well, a hangover. Almost like the drinking gods were trying to tell me that green beer isn’t natural, as if I didn’t already know that. I actually ordered a bloody mary with breakfast but than wasn’t quite sure if a green hangover required a green bloody mary along with the green eggs and ham. I seriously drew the line at a green bagel because that’s just a totally different green and I'm not going there. Hemingway supposedly alternated drinking tomato juice with one hand and beer with the other to rid himself of a hangover. I rather like the thought of that but I've never tried it, maybe next time.

But enough of all that drinking talk. I have a road trip to make early tomorrow and I really have to try and keep Ash from tossing bottle caps off the roof. I don’t care if she thinks it’s some kind of tradition or not, it just aint kewl.

Supposedly POTUS picked 24 of the first 26 NCAA men’s games right, I only hope he did is well in the women's tournament.

Damn this moon is fucking bright ....

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