Thursday, June 23, 2011

Observations on Gay Marriage and New York

And so it goes, another wasted day with no vote on the same sex marriage bill. Today is in all probability the last day of the session for the New York Senate and still there is no vote scheduled for it. Maybe those that are terrified it will pass will win out and in the end it wont even come to a vote. I'm still hopeful there will be a vote and that it will pass. For the record the Senate yesterday did declare the day "State Onion Day" so there is that. My brother should be happy about that because he was always a big fan of The Onion.

Wednesday’s fun saw the Torah Jews for Decency hanging a banner outside the senate chamber that warned, “Homosexual Marriage Kills.” I better look in the mirror quick just to be sure this one isn't true. Actually i better lose the cigarette before I do or I'll just be confused as to which one is killing me. Today I woke up to see that the United Religious and Family Organization published an open letter Senate Speaker Dean Skelos. In it was this extraordinary paragraph written by Issac Caller. "In the midst of fast and prayer, we plead to G-d that you withstand the pressure of Mayor Bloomberg and other wealthy and talented gay propaganda-specialists. If you believe that it should be voted upon, put it up for referendum for the public to vote upon. Remember the havoc caused by minority groups pushing their agenda on the masses (Communism, Nazism)." I should remind Mr. Caller that at the present time the New York Constitution doesn't allow for public referendums. Also between 1933 and 1945 an estimated 100,000 German men were arrested and charged as homosexuals of which as many as 20,000 died in the concentration camps.

This witch’s brew of marriage and family protectors also includes the Orthodox Rabbi Yehuda Levin who blames gays for the Haitian earthquake and 9/11 attacks. With Levin was the Reverend Duane Motley of the New Yorker Family Research Foundation who is on record calling this civil rights movement a war with churches as recruiting stations. He added yesterday that legalizing gay marriage would "undermine the stability of our society" because he said a child of a gay couple could only have one biological parent. I guess it doesn’t matter that the child would still have two parents when so many in our society have only one. Funny thing how Shakespeare used the word motley when he was referring to a fool.

Thankfully with or without a vote it ends today because I'm getting way to negative here. I don't think I'm in danger of being sent to a nonexistent hell by a nonexistent god but I am risking a very real headache. As a small counterweight to all this I'll leave you with "Lewis Black, Queers" which is one of my fav videos on the topic, too funny.


6/24 midnight update - It seems I may have been wrong because the Senate adorned and it will continue into Friday. At this point I'm on the verge of being totally burned out by it all.

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