Friday, June 24, 2011

Observations on Gay Marriage and New York

8:35 PM - It a short time the New York State Senate will in all likelihood make history. They will vote on the same sex marriage bill and it is supposed to pass with as many as 4 or 5 Republican votes. That seems like a lot but it may be true because it gives them all cover as no one Republican can be blamed for the bill's passage. Throughout the day, and before I knew the vote would happen,  I was writing thoughts down for a post but I never got around to putting it together. I decided to post what I have anyway and hopefully you can make some sense of the randomness.

Friday and another day of waiting for something, anything, to happen in Albany. Today should bring an answer one way or another but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. I was so hoping for a vote last night or early this morning but they quit at 11PM and left it for today. We had the champagne chilled and glasses ready but it wasn't meant to be. Personally I don't need a glass to drink champagne but I could have forced myself.

I have a busy day so I'll be glued to my phone all day. I really should apologize for the negative tone of my last couple posts. The whole thing was just getting to me and I needed to let it out somehow.

I often wondered how the Albany River Rats hockey team got their name, now I know.

The Senate session was supposed to begin at 10AM but twitter is strangely quiet and it's noon. Turns out the GOP is in conference and has been for four hours, make that five hours, now. Rumor had it they were conferencing on when to conference on the queer marriage bill. Gotta love conservatives.

And where have you gone Starchbishop Dolan?

So you see where my head was at today.

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