Sunday, August 14, 2011

Observations from the Window 8.14

I was planning on a lazy Sunday at the bar watching the Phillies but the gods decided we needed rain so the game was postponed. It's been raining all day in the Village too but it's a nice soft rain falling in cool air so it was actually nice. I find rainy days like this romantic in a way, I just want to watch it as I sip coffee and listen to jazz which is something I rarely want to do.

This morning the VQs dragged me out of bed to take me out for an early birthday brunch. We went to a Brazilian place on Varick Street called SOBs. The fresh tropical fruit, ginger-lime snapper, and champagne were all excellent but I passed on the banana stuffed french toast. I did have to try a Devassa* beer which is almost impossible to find. Pretty much it tastes like beer. It's called the 'Bossa Nova Brunch' and they have live music but I had no clue where the rap of MGK fit in so we bolted before he got far.

The VQs and I were watching a show about Woodstock the other night and it turned to Jimi Hendrix jamming "The Star Spangled Banner." One of the guys that produced the festival, I forget which it was, said you could hear everything that was happening in Vietnam at the time in the Hendrix rendition of the song. People screaming, napalm, death all around, but I could hear none of it. I guess it was the times and you had to be there because I just didn't get it.

In the end my lazy baseball Sunday turned into a lazy day of eating and shopping. My dad gave me money for my birthday and said to spend it on myself. I didn't spend it all yet but I did buy the biggest bouquet of sunflowers I could find which I put in a vase on my window seat.

Than I sat in the window and smiled.

*Devassa Beer Commercial

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