Monday, February 27, 2012

Observations from the Bar 2.27

I was sitting at the bar watching the first ever Monday Daytona 500 which was also the first one ever run under the lights. This happened because of rain on Sunday which caused me to waste a Sunday afternoon at the bar with nothing to watch until a totally lousy Oscar show Sunday night. All things considered it was a normal race until it wasn't and just became totally bizarre. While the race was under yellow something broke on Juan Pablo Montoya's car causing him to spin up into a truck that was blowing off the track with jet engine, yes jet engine. The crash wrecked the truck's trailer and spilled 200 gallons of jet fuel onto the track which than ignited. While track crews put out the fire and cleaned up the mess the drivers wandered around the track talking as if they were stuck in traffic on the interstate.

I only bothered with that story because it ties in with something I had started writing earlier today. After watching the Oscar show last night I seem to have developed a social media pet peeve.  Anybody who knows me at all or reads this blog knows I have wildly varied interests. Art, politics, and sports constantly fight for space in my mind with other things that are always butting in. On twitter I just post whats on my mind or what I'm reading so you never know what you will get. Sometimes its the same thing for days on end and sometimes I go off in tangents by the hour.

Some people evidently have singular interests and others have accounts to just post on a single subject, both are fine with me. I have no prob with that because they usually have the best info or their subject anyway. What I do have a prob with is when some complain that other people aren't serious enough about the world's problems. I post about gay rights I lose followers, I post about Occupy I lose others, and the gods forbid anybody post about the Academy Awards because all hell breaks loose.

You know the world and its multiple problems are serious enough and we all need to escape now and than. Sometimes that includes watching a totally lame Oscar show and tweeting a photo of a gorgeous Milla Jovovich. Get the fuck over it.

For the record Milla looked totally awesome as does Danica tonight. Now back to racing.

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